Strange Little Band

Two psychics, one mega-corp, and all-around bad behavior

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Strange Little Band is an ongoing sci-fi story with a dollop of romance.
Strange Little Band is the ongoing story of Addison and Shane, two self-centered, amoral psychics who work for the cut-throat Triptych Corporation. Their insular, comfortable lives are disrupted when, due to Triptych’s machinations, they become unlikely parents. How can they raise a child when they can’t trust each other?

New installments are posted on the SLB website Tuesday and Friday. If you’d like to start at the beginning, read the prologue. If you'd like to add SLB feed to your friends list, it's syndicated here: slb_rss.

Technically SLB is a serialized dark paranormal romance. Hopefully that label won’t scare you away. Fabio doesn’t make an appearance, and no bodices are ripped. Promise.