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Jul. 13th, 2010

Twin Peaks (owls)


Chapter 14: Fools Rush In - part 3

Daniel rang the door chime to Myers’ quarters out of strategy, not necessity. Best to let the brat think he had some degree of control. Like father, like son.

When no one responded Daniel tried again. Mattioni had insisted that the boy had been there for hours and was currently alone. The conversation would go better if Ashlynn weren’t around.

The door remained closed, so Daniel elected to show a bit of his hand. He entered his override code in the electronic lock’s keypad, but didn’t step inside when the door slid open. Slightly cooler air carrying the spicy aroma of Tex-Mex food wafted over him. “Jacob,” he called, “it’s Dr. Gibson. I’m coming in.”

Daniel strode through the small entryway into the living room. He wasn’t surprised to find Jake standing in the entrance to the kitchen, arms crossed. “What do you want?” The skinny kid’s voice was flat, like Almeida’s was (and Myers’ had been) when he did his weird alien thing. Daniel now found it more annoying that creepy.

Wearing an appropriately concerned look, Daniel said, “Are you okay? Your teachers said that you didn’t show up for classes today.”

“I’m fine.”

Daniel held back a laugh from the blatant lie. “Where’s your father?”

“Away on business.” Jake’s poker face was perfect.

So that’s how he wants to play it. After mentally reviewing his options, Daniel motioned at the kitchen. “I need to speak with you, Jake. May I come in?”

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Dr. Horrible - silhouette


Chapter 14: Fools Rush In - part 2

Shane paced the length of the kids’ lab, scrambling for his cold, rational side. Fear and anger kept it out of reach, and the smooth angles of the prism in his hand seemed to mock him. Everything was going wrong. He’d just gotten Addison back and was losing her already.

He rounded on his kids, who stood side by side against a lab bench. “Ashlynn, I won’t ask again. Teleport me to Gibson’s quarters, or I’ll go there on foot.”

Lynn crossed her arms under her breasts in perfect imitation of her mother. “No, and no you won’t. Knocking on his door is suicide.”

“You can’t go, Dad,” Jake said, his voice nearly inflectionless due to the void. How was he managing to hold on to it? “Stick with the plan. We’ll contact Teague, and he’ll–”

Shane made one last, desperate grab for his alien side. He caught the edge of it, anxiety and emotionless calm warring. Finally he connected with his prism. Stronger now, he barked at his daughter. Teleport me there. Now.

Although Ashlynn grimaced as she fought him, he felt his temperature spike. “Dad!” Jake cried as the lab morphed into the grays of Gibson’s quarters.

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Jul. 2nd, 2010

Fractal (yield)


Chapter 14: Fools Rush In - part 1

Flames climbed the piece of paper in Addison’s hand, consuming a short list of numbers: 24, 9, 76. She, Shane, Teague, and a handful of others knew the numbers’ meaning. They were the number of Triptych employees who’d gone AWOL today, AWOL employees recovered, and the current count of co-conspirators.

Nine, Addison marveled. Less than half of the people abandoning ship had been caught. The virus was working. Allegiances were shifting. It was time to act, but fear nibbled at her resolve.

Worrying her lip, Addison dropped the burning paper into her bathroom sink. The edges browned and crinkled, marching inward until only ashes remained.

Addison peered through the whisps of smoke to study her reflection. Her hair was neatly tucked into a French twist. Frowning, she pulled it loose. Her dark curls fell past her shoulders, jutting out awkwardly in places since they hadn’t been trimmed in weeks. The gray in her roots showed, too.

Between her unkempt hair, wrinkles creasing her blouse and skirt, and the bags under her eyes, she was the picture of harried and exhausted. The facade–only slightly exaggerated considering her continued long hours–pricked at her pride, but was necessary. If she could set things in motion, they had a chance.

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Jun. 23rd, 2010

Fractal (yield)


Chapter 13: Comeuppance – part 8

They either stared at him or wouldn’t look at him at all. One or the other. It made Shane want to scream, but of course he couldn’t. That mulatto bitch wouldn’t let him. How had everything gone so wrong?

Shane watched the girl and her dweeb of a brother from the back of the let’s-make-pretend-we’re-scientists lab. They puttered around, half-talking and presumably half-thinking at each other. Compared to earlier they were being generous. After a trip to Addison’s bathroom–teleported by Princess Bitch, of course–they’d given him a set of clean scrubs to wear, then a meager meal of a protein bar and water. He’d devoured it in his seat in a fiberglass chair in the corner of the lab. Shane had no idea how long it had been since he’d been captured, but he’d been ravenous.

Now he was just hungry, bored, and angry. Livid, really, because of what they’d done to his mind. As much as he wanted to kill the brats, he couldn’t think about it for long. As soon as his eyes locked on a potential weapon, the thought slipped away. The same thing happened with plans to escape. They evaporated, leaving him hateful and impotent.

The brats glanced at each other, then moved to one side of the room. Light flashed just in front of the closed door, and Harris and the freak who looked like him appeared. Shane started to snarl at them, then noticed how drawn his twin looked. He tried to hide it, but Shane noticed how he leaned on Addison for support. Satisfaction and jealousy warred inside him.

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Jun. 18th, 2010

Dr. Horrible - silhouette


Chapter 13: Comeuppance – part 7

If Dad’s office hadn’t been saturated with blood, Jake would have lay down beside his father and slept, too. He’d poured nearly all of his energy into healing Dad’s neck and stabilizing his vitals. His father had lost what would normally be a fatal amount of blood. The last thing Jake had done before his prism had winked out was stop the bleeding from Dad’s other wounds. They still glistened wet and raw, but at least they’d clotted.

Mom felt as wrong as Dad had, but Lynn insisted that she had the situation under control. Presumably that meant she’d subdued the asshole who’d tried to kill Dad. And Mom? The thought of losing them both sent a shiver up his spine.

Since Lynn’s mind was a knot of concentration, Jake occupied himself in the midst of the macabre scene for a few minutes. He needed her help to get Dad to his quarters. Now that Dad was stable he didn’t need to be moved immediately. But the sooner the better, Jake thought. The blood on him and Dad was cold and congealing.

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Jun. 10th, 2010

eternal sunshine - clem and mug


Chapter 13: Comeuppance – part 6

Ashlynn teleported back to Shane’s office to find Jake still kneeling by his father’s side, deep in concentration. The light of the crystal in her brother’s hand wavered unsteadily, casting nervous shadows. Jake was running out of energy. Ashlynn hoped that the healing he’d managed would be enough.

It will, she told herself, then got to work. Ashlynn’s eyes scanned the sanguine room, searching for something the attacker might have touched. Her low-heeled shoes sank into the blood-soaked carpet as she padded across the room, running her fingers along the edge of the overturned table. These shoes are ruined, she noted. The carpet will need to be replaced. The idle musings kept her from thinking about whose blood sucked the warmth from her feet.

Light glinted off of something jagged beside the table: broken glass from a framed picture of her mother. Squatting down, she picked it up and traced the frame with a fingertip. Ashlynn sensed nothing about the attacker, but it was no matter. She’d find him eventually, and the bastard would die. Ashlynn finally had a real, whole family. No one would take that away from her.

Setting aside the broken frame, Ashlynn continued her circuit. A few feet ahead something slender glimmered in the pooling blood. She stopped and frowned at it. A scalpel.

Ashlynn pulled the metal instrument to her hand telekinetically. The sticky, cold blood–Dad’s blood–didn’t bother her much. She closed her eyes and channeled her senses to the object and the energy surrounding it.

In her mind’s eye the world shifted and reformed. Ashlynn saw the attack. She felt the malice, the anger, the sheer lunacy. She heard a conversation that made no sense. She got a name and saw a face. Dad’s face, but it wasn’t Dad. And she knew what the bastard (bitch?) was planning next.

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Jun. 1st, 2010

Twin Peaks (owls)


Chapter 13: Comeuppance – part 5

Myers’ blood arced from his throat in a graceful scarlet parabola. Idly rolling his prism between her fingers, Joon admired her handiwork from a safe distance. The fountain’s height metered the bastard’s life, growing shorter with each heartbeat.

Then he smiled.

Joon snarled. How dare he mock her during her victory? Her eyes followed his line of sight to a framed photo on the floor. A beautiful Negro woman smiled through—

(Me.) The scalpel slipped out of Joon’s hand.


Joon’s eyes turned back to Myers. His eyelids had lowered, but he still smiled at the woman. (Dr. Addison Harris.)


Do you know who you are?

Doctor Addison Harris,
she’d said dozens of times with an accent that wasn’t hers.

“Not mine!” Joon shouted aloud.

(Too deep. Not my voice!)

Joon’s eyes, which hadn’t left Myers’ face, saw him again. His blood only climbed a few inches into the air before adding to the dark puddle. “My voice,” she murmured, holding her prism tightly in her hand.

The photograph pulled Joon’s eyes back. “Mine,” she told the woman. Joon accepted her silence as assent.

The growing pool of blood enveloped the scalpel at Joon’s feet. She stepped back. Dr. Shane Myers didn’t track blood everywhere.

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May. 30th, 2010

Dr. Horrible - silhouette


Chapter 13: Comeuppance – part 4

As Shane strode out of his quarters he thanked the powers that be once again for his wife’s ability to teleport and his alien side. Without its emotionless calm he’d never be able to hide his happy satiation from a nooner with Addison, or keep his paranoia under wraps.

Last week’s impromptu conversation with Captain MacKenzie had raised Shane’s suspicion to record levels. The chief of security of the Alpha facility claimed to be part of a network of employees fed up with Triptych’s games. If not for Addison’s insistence of the man’s sincerity, Shane would have laughed in MacKenzie’s face. It reeked of a set-up. Yet Shane found himself hoping that it wasn’t. Until he found a way to break his contract with Triptych—and 20 years of dead ends didn’t bode well—the corporation effectively owned him, and it had gone to extremes to keep him and Addison apart. They wouldn’t let Gibson and the Chairmen interfere with their relationship and their family any longer.

Shane was pondering how they’d keep Gibson at bay when he entered his lab. He stopped short as the door slid shut behind him. No one was there. For an instant he was annoyed; his employees’ lunch hours were staggered so this wouldn’t happen. Then his paranoia screamed a warning as his peripheral vision caught a blur of motion. Pain pricked his neck, and the world spun and went dark.

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